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The Two-Inched Tongue

Lo, behold the two-inched tongue,
At its mercy are our relationships hung.

We fail to see its knife-like edge,
Our words make our children's hearts fill with dread.

Our spouses would love to hear its sweetness,
But we give them a glimpse of our bitterness.

Friends learn to turn away their faces,
When we treat them as pawns in supremacy races.

The two-inched tongue, it shows us to the world,
Our greed, our need, our deeds are all unfurled.

Be it food for our stomach or a random thought,
Lose control, and in bad situations we are caught.

Oh this vile two-inched tongue,
Has made us slaves, caused dirty linen to be hung.

Be it the tongue or be it our mind,
Only in their control can peace become friends with mankind.

With sweetness of words and sweetness of thought,
Turnaround to all bad situations can be brought.

But remember, honey dripping tongue or truth wielding tongue,
Both do justice only when tongue & mind are one.

By : Rati Hegde

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