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A Hookie to Shivanasamudra Falls

The cool mornings are often rejuvenated by a drizzle these days. The climate in Bangalore is reaching its majestic best. So take an unplanned leave from the hectic office days or grab a weekend of your convenience and go visit some beautiful places nearby to refresh your heart and soul. Our personal suggestion would be Shivanasamudra!

A small town nestling along the River Kaveri in the Mandya District which belongs to the Southern Karnataka, Shivanasamudra has a rich heritage to boast. Asia’s very first hydro electric power station was established here in the year 1902. These waterfalls are also known as Siva Samudram, literally meaning Shiva's Sea. It is here that the Cauvery River branches off into two different streams, each of them cascading down the 200 ft fall. The western stream is known as Gaganachukki, while the eastern stream is known as Bharachukki. Surrounding the waterfalls are hill forests of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. The region of Shivanasamudra was mainly ruled by Ganga Dynasty starting from the 2nd Century leading to the 11th century. Consequently the sovereign of this region was taken over by Cholas followed by Hoysalas who reigned until 1346. Subsequent rulers include Vijayanagar, Wodeyar Dynasty kings and the Sultans of Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan.

The cascading edge of the eastern stream, Bharachukki is a little wider than that of western stream - Gaganachukki. It is situated at distance of approximately one km from the Dargah. One of its sections resembles a 'U', just like the famous Niagara Falls. The waterfall has a fluid and graceful cascade along the side. There is no viewing gallery for the Bharachukki waterfall and even the flow of tourists is quite low. The currents here are quite strong and the gorge is quite deep. So, swimming is not advised at all.

Another must watch location here is the Ranganatha temple. It is located in the Shivanasamudra Island and is a huge structure of the Hoysala period. The place is also called Madhya ranga. The deity is called Jagan Mohan Ranganatha, about 8 ft. in reclining posture. There are images of Goddess Cauvery, Takshaka serpent, Ramanujacharya, Alwars and huge stone image of Sugriva in the temple.

Shivanasamudra is 120km from Bangalore. So you can prefer your personal vehicle or go for public transport. When you choose personal transportation, the route via Bangalore - Kanakapura - Malavalli will be ideal to reach Shivanasamudra. From KR Market there are KSRTC and private buses running till Malavalli. From Malavalli there are only few buses available to the falls so the timing of your journey has to be synchronized thus.

It is best advised as a one day trip but there are some good budget hotels and resorts near by if you wish to stay for a couple of days.


Author : RENJITH V P

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