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Fake CD Case withdrawal: Do we need more evidence to prove conspiracy?

One of the persons involved in the Fake CD case

The sudden decision of the government of Karnataka to withdraw the Fake CD case against some people whose sole aim was character assassination of Shri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji, the pontiff of Shri Ramachandrapur Muth is indeed very unfortunate and suspicious. This hasty step of the government to abruptly end the criminal case proceedings has raised many eye brows in the political and legal arena and evoked strong reactions across the state, especially from the devotees and disciples of the Math and Swamiji. The case, at the time of withdrawal by the government was in its final stages of hearing and it was almost certain that the accused would face appropriate sentence by the court. What prompted the government to withdraw the case at this stage of the proceedings without assigning any valid reason makes one wonder who are behind this sudden decision, that too by the cabinet presided over by the Chief Minister.

While the decision of the government has surprised everyone, probably this is the first time in the history of the state that a criminal case of this nature has been withdrawn without justifying the reason. No wonder, this act of the government points to the bigger question as to who are behind this decision ? What are their motives ? How powerful they are and why the government should yield to such forces while it knows very well that such a decision would cast aspersions on its repute and fairness?. While no answers are forthcoming yet, there is a wide spread outrage against the decision.

Its well known to all that the Fake CD conspiracy has is root in the temple town of Gokarna and dates back to 2010 when a group of criminals created a film using morhped photos of a famous film actress and man looking similar to Shri Swamiji. The criminals were caught red-handed by the police team headed by Gopal B Hosur. The efficient investigation by the police also yielded incriminating evidence and material including expensive multimedia software worth lakhs of Rupees, morphed photographs, fake videos used for this criminal conspiracy against the Swamiji. All efforts by the accused to escape the hands of law proved futile as the courts were given indisputable evidence of the crime by the investigating team.

The bigger question that lingers on is that why should the government protect the criminal accused while it has strong evidence of the crime and the case is in its final stages of hearing. Has it been taken keeping in mind any social interest? If so, what is it?.. If not, who are the real beneficiaries of that decision? As the followers of Swamiji and disciples of Math have been claiming so long that powerful people and institutions are behind the conspiracies against him and the Math, a decision of this nature adds more credence to such claims.

It does not call for a legal expert to see the reason behind the decision to withdraw the case against those criminals. However, the society wants to know the people who are behind such an important decision which has set a bad precedent. Moreover, while the government is keen to protect the accused is it not denying justice to the victim of this heinous criminal conspiracy?

People only hope that the unjust decision of the government will be withdrawn soon and the dignity of the government restored so that people do not lose faith in the justice system and the fairness expected of the government.

(Views expressed in this article are that of the writer himself - Ed.)


Author : Saketha Yuva Vedike 

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