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Movie Review
Rating :
Hero :
Heroine :
Kajal Agarwal
Other Cast :
Sachin Khedekar, Tara
Director :
K V Anand
Music Director :
Harris Jayaraj
Producer :
Kalapathy S Aghoram
Release Date :
KV Anand's Tamil language Maattrraan, also released as a dubbed Telugu version called Brothers, starring Suriya and Kajal Aggarwal had much controversies and hype to begin with but let me tell you, nothing was worth, the movie was mediocre and the script was all around.

The plot revolves around two Siamese twins- Vimalan/Vimal and Agilan/Akhil (both played by Suriya). Their father runs a huge company which manufactures one of the best energy drinks for children. His competitors attempt to capture his secret recipe by employing a Russian spy who befriends one of the twins and their common girlfriend Anjali (played by Kajal Agarwal).The Russian spy somehow gathers the secret formula of the drink with their help but is killed by some unknown men. Soon after, Vimalan also dies in an accident. Now separated from his brother, Agilan he learns that the Russian girl was not a spy and also realizes a dangerous fact about the factory run by his father. To discover the truth, he and Anjali leave for Russia. The answers to these mysteries form a part of the climax.

However, its a Surya show form the word go and the chemistry between the twins is etched out well. The effort he put in to play the conjoined twins in evident. 1st half is enjoyable with their mischievous activities and their association with kajal. Second half focuses on Surya's hunt for the truth and is more picturised in Russia 'Maattrraan' gets a lot of help from the Srinivasa Murthy's VFX department and the way everything looks natural in the first half, even when two Suriya are standing next to each other throughout is a tribute to their work. Soundar Rajan's cinematography works in tandem with the effects and impresses.

Meanwhile, editor Anthony gets the toughest job of editing the film that is filled with added effects and touches and despite everything, he joins bits and pieces pretty well.

The action sequences shot at MGM in particular deserve a huge mention, as the twins wriggle and fight together giving you a lot of reasons to hold your breath. Peter does a really good job of coordinating twin fighters, and tones down the fighting to a level that's believable and also exciting.

The film could have been a lot better, but given us this version, it is boring at times and dissapoints at regular intervals. Watch it if you are a Suriya fan.
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