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Movie Review
Bhoot returns
Rating :
Hero :
Heroine :
Manisha Koirala
Other Cast :
Madhu Shalini, Alayana Sharma
Director :
Ram Gopal Varma
Music Director :
Sandeep Chowtha
Producer :
Jitendra jain
Release Date :
After watching Bhooth Returns, I wonder whether the genre of horror is going to be extinct in Bollywood or is it because of the poor script and worse direction that makes the recent horror movies in bollywood unbearably ridiculous to watch. In the given scenario, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who's regular films itself are finding it hard to get takers tries to bring back the chill and horror of his 2003 superhit horror film Bhoot by releasing its sequel Bhoot Returns. Whether it does the trick or not let's find out.

Much against the relatable apartment in Bhoot, this one revolves around a duplex bungalow. Tarun (JD Chakravorthy) manages to clinch a deal of a house at a throw away price. While his wife (Manisha Koirala) is very wary and want to know the reason as to why the seller sold it for such cheap price, Tarun doesn't give it another thought and moves into his new bungalow along with wife, daughter (Alayana Sharma) and a son. As soon as they start settling down Tarun's sister (Madhu Shalini) also joins the, and starts living with them. Predictably enough, the horror element is brought in when the girl gets possessed by the spirit that dwells in the house.

Even if you discount the fact that this film looks like a 90-minute YouTube video. Even if you forgive the traumatic camera angles imported straight from RGV’s Department. How do you look past a scene (that is supposed to be nerve racking and tense) that features three adults playing hide and seek in a dark room looking more like the Ganguly brothers? (Footnote: Watch the far more thrilling Chalti Ka Naam Gadi)

The most mysterious part of this film is why a fine actress like Manisha Koirala performs with such conviction in a barrage of such embarrassment. She should do better than this.

Bhoot Returns is no Paranormal Activity, although it does borrow at least three key moments from that popular horror franchise. It’s not entirely a waste of time either, because Varma does deliver a few good scares. I’m going with two out of five for Bhoot Returns. It’s the kind of film that the phrase ‘time-pass entertainment’ was invented to describe.
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