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September 6, 2016

Beach Wedding in Goa at affordable cost

A new stage for marriage aspirants

Mr. D.Shekhar, CEO, speaking at the Press Meet Mr. D.Shekhar, CEO, speaking at the Press Meet

Bangalore : Goa is the most beautiful place with Sea Shore. It is the desire of many people to perform their wedding on the beach of Goa which is one of the beautiful places in the world.

Rich people, film stars, celebrities, non-resident Indians celebrate their weddings with pomp and show. For this they have to spend crores of rupees lavishly, especially for luxury star hotels, ac rooms, food, decorations and costumes. But in recent days these concepts have changed drastically.

Presently The Grand and Glitz and Resorts management of Goa has concurred to provide the facilities even to the middle class people who perform their weddings in Goa Beach through a Single Window Package service.

Speaking at a Press Meet held at Ballal Residency Hotel, Bengaluru recently, CEO of The Grand Hotel Goa Mr. D.Shekar explained the details of the concept.

He said they offer a comprehensive plan which covers arrangements such as AC rooms, Food, Cocktail dinner, Gala dinner, Beach sight seeing, recreation, Sangeeth, Mehandhi, traditional dresses of Panjab, Gujarath, Rajastan etc will be provided to the marriage party and also Pickup and drop transportation service to the marriage party.

The Single Window Package service is offered to cover different types of weddings such as Dream wedding (Rs.12.99 lakhs), Executive wedding (16.99 lakhs), Romantic wedding (29.99 lakhs) and Grand Royal wedding (33.99 lakhs). In addition to this, for married couple Honeymoon facilities will be provided at hill stations for 2 nights and 3 days stay.

During the press meet the management screened a video film of the Goa Beach Wedding to the audience. Managing director of Suregenius company Mr Kunal Sagarkar explained in detail the arrangements and facilities provided during the Goa Beach wedding such as Stage, Floral decoration, Photo, Video coverage and the traditional dresses to the bride and groom.

It may be recalled that the much publicized betrothal of popular Kannada film star Yash and heroin Radhika Pandith was held at the Hotel and was organized by the Hotel management. The middle class people also need not worry about the high cost of a dream Goa Beach Wedding. The Goa Beach Marriages can be performed within Rs.15 to Rs.20 lakhs Budget whcih even the middle class can afford.

During the press meet Mr D.Shekar requested the Government of Karnataka to provide this kind of facilities at Karwar beach in order to promote the tourism.

For Goa Beach Wedding Single Window Package service, contact:
Satya, Manager (9011086409) and Priyanka Secretary (8380048407).



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