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Movie Review
Rating :
Hero :
Heroine :
Aishwarya Devan
Other Cast :
Mohanlal, Murali Sharma, Saikumar, Aishwarya Devan
Director :
Major Ravi
Music Director :
M G Sreekumar
Producer :
Haneef Mohammed, Major Ravi
Release Date :
I think Major Ravi is thoroughly disappointed. May be not because he couldn't spin out a good movie but the fact that his latest so called 'thriller' Karmayodha couldn't be as bad as his previous crap Khandahar. The audience could breathe a sigh because most of them went to the theatre (just because their love for Mohanlal couldn't stop them from going to a Major Ravi Movie ) expecting something atrocious but they were only greeted with something horrible.

Karmayodha takes the basic plot of Hollywood flick Taken and treats it like horse shit. The most unbearable part was the acting from actors apart from Mohanlal. But how could we expect them to do it better when a thespian like Lal himself seems amateur in his performance.

Well, a teenaged girl gets kidnapped from Mumbai and Madhava Menon alias Mad Maddy (Mohanlal), the encounter specialist Deputy Commissioner of Police from Mumbai travels all the way to Kerala on being tipped that the girl could be taken to Kerala. In the meantime, another girl gets kidnapped in Kerala, presumably by the same people or people linked to them. There is also the information that some other girls too had been kidnapped. Mad Maddy tries to trace them out. On the other hand Manu (Binish Kodiyeri), who is the brother of the girl kidnapped from Kerala, also tries frantically to find his sister, with help from his two friends. The hunt goes on and it’s at half-time that we are told that the girl kidnapped from Mumbai is Mad Maddy’s daughter.

I won’t ever say that ‘Karmayodha’ is insufferable or that I felt bored at any stage. To be honest, I didn’t get bored watching the movie because there were enough and more ridiculous stuff to laugh about. But the fact that there is nothing outstanding or exemplary about it and that it’s mostly one-man show by Mohanlal (courtesy the script-writers) makes it just another below average action flick. But even when the movie runs to just above 2 hours duration, the film can't even be be chosen for a one-time watch as it bores the hell out of audience.

I would harldy give 1/5 for the movie but that is the least option I have. So here it goes Major Ravi sir for your brilliantly made flop - 1 dirty star.
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