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Movie Review
Poda Podi
Rating :
Hero :
Heroine :
Other Cast :
Ganesh, Shobana
Director :
Vignesh Shivan
Music Director :
Dharan Kumar
Producer :
Padam Kumar
Release Date :
While your movie release is matched up to a big release, say Thuppakki, it is hard to make an impact. Yet Poda Podi has managed to get a say at the box office with a decent plot and some nice perfomances.

Young superstar STR aka Simbhu has returned with a breezy romantic entertainer, Poda Podi, produced by Hithesh Jabak and Gemini Film Circuit, and directed by Vignesh Shivan.

The film is a musical as well. It is more than just a run-of-the-mill youth flick.

Animation expert Arjun (STR), and dancer Nisha (Varu Sarathkumar) live in London with an uncle and aunt respectively.
We discover their backgrounds, and understand what motivates them. We actually get invested enough in their stories to wonder what's going to happen next. The love life of the couple enters a serious phase. They discuss their feelings, argue about what they want from life and run into problems. Nisha still wants to dance and enter the UK competition 'Let's Dance,' and make a career for herself.

Arjun suddenly discovers that he is, at bottom, a "Pachai Thamizhan" who believes that a woman's place is in the home (preferably the kitchen, but she has the freedom to walk from one room to another if she wants). Egos clash, fights erupt.

The first half goes pretty slow and makes the audience to sit back to their seats to watch whats happening between the love pairs with mutual understandings, future planning’s, and execution of broad minded issues are well portrayed which needed a big dragging time for Vignesh shiva the debutant director of the movie.

STR @ Shivan the character was well sketched to him as in the first half he gained a lot to make a lead with other characters while in the second half he started dominating his women for the tamil culture where Varu was obviously a girl who love to live in foreign culture shores. The first half seems positive kudos for Simbu performace where as the second half leads to much disaster as the audience will start thinking where the director takes the movie to end and how will it end.

Varalaxmi as its her first movie did a pleasant job with dance movements and in especially the kuthu song number she even moved to the ultimate difficult steps to compete the opponent which will be surely appreciated for her efforts.

STR Twinkled in the first half as the script demands his second half will be a doubtful one for his performance but he managed to overcome to the flow of its acting skills. STR does certain dance steps which will be a trend to the coming future and he have even lend his voice as playback singer as it was seen natural to most of the people who watch the song numbers in the film. STR does it naturally and he bagged his performance to his best level.
Vignesh Shiva need to concentrate more in screenplay for a fast and packed romantic paces in which he should not once again drag the script to its slowness where it is not demanded. A good attempt by the debutant director.
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