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Movie Review
Rating :
Hero :
Heroine :
Kajol Agarwwal
Other Cast :
Jayaram, Sathyan, Anupama Kumar
Director :
A.R. Murugadoss
Music Director :
Harris Jayaraj
Producer :
Kalaipuli S Dhanu
Release Date :
To give a one liner. Thuppakki is just what all Vijay fans needed. Now when I say all Vijay fans, it includes the die hard ones who just fall at his every other gimmick and then there are those fans who adore Vijay for his power to entertain. Murugadoss has rightly balanced the act and pulled off a perfect entertainer for Deepavali.

Jagadish, an army men and a secret agent of DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency), returns to Mumbai on leave. His parents wants him to tie the knot with a girl chosen by them. He meets Nisha (Kajal Aggarwal), a boxer. The first 40 minutes of the film is entertaining and it is a fun ride. But the next twenty minutes is not engaging. It is because the director takes too much of time to arrive to the main story.
However, just 15 minutes before the interval, the story gets pace and draws the audience attention. Jagadish spoils the plan of a serial bomb blasts with the help of his 11 army friends. They kill 12 sleeper cells in 12 different places at the same time. The kingpin played by Vidyut Jamwal is shocked and decides to hunt down the people, who crashed his plans. The first half ends with the one-liner, 'I'm waiting'. The second half is how they meet and fight.

And the best part is, nothing has been overdone. The stunts are perfect and at the right time. Humor and romance are rightly balanced. Songs though a hit doesn't meet up the Harris Jayaraj standards and choreography is, however bit of a let down.

Coming back to our main man Vijay, he looks ever youthful and the V shape that he so painstakingly maintains looks even more tight and muscular in Thuppakki. His prowess at dance and fights is well-known and Murugadoss has packaged and presented the movie perfectly in sync with Vijay’s skills at commercial cinema. While on the one hand, Jagdish is a brainy guy who uses the Rubik’s cube and his apple laptop to decode maps, on the other hand, his brawny side is also prominent thanks to his blazer, glares and a stylish gait. The pre-interval scenes with the twelve sleeper cells and the fight scenes with a sniffer dog in tow in the second half are a royal treat for Vijay fanatics. The star’s comfort level with Hindi and English makes his character as an urban Mumbai Thamizhan appear more genuine and real.

The tribute to the Indian Army and their Families is a great sentiment; kudos to A R Murugadoss for that, and for showing Vijay without artificial 'punch dialogues.' But having set the scene for a great movie with a charismatic hero, a reasonably sound script and believable characters, he flounders by the end of the first half, where his protagonist becomes a 'mass' hero again, ramming through everything and everyone at will, and escaping tough situations in cinematic fashion. Watch it for some nice entertainment.
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