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Movie Review
Ajab Gazab Love
Rating :
Hero :
Jacky Bhagnani
Heroine :
Nidhi Subbaiah
Other Cast :
Arjun Rampal
Director :
Sanjay Gandhvi
Music Director :
Producer :
Vashu Baghnani
Release Date :
There is nothing complicated. Super rich boy has a literal love-at-first sight moment with a girl he spots across the escalators; she's the pseudo-activist type who hates rich people, a rather strange affliction. Boy pauperises his family and himself to win her over. A predictable twist on one of the classic Bollywood rich-poor divide romance themes, it turns out there is more to Ajab Gazabb Love than the framework suggests. Sense is something of a luxury in these kind of contest, but then if you've prepared yourself for good entertainment and a one time watch, then the movie is a nice fit of tastes.

Bhagnani’s previous outing in ‘Faltu’, also produced by papa Vashu, was tolerable, because he was shrewd enough to not take himself seriously. Here he loses no time to get into the buff hero mode, and give himself songs-and-dances with his leading lady, and heavy emotional bits with family: it is Jariwala who makes the most of it, and walks off with the film, such as it is. Jackky Bhagnani is that lucky son who gets re-launched for the third time by his father Vashu Bhagnani with Ajab Gazabb Love.

Now technically, re-launch isn't the right term for his last film F.A.L.T.U's surprising success had established Jackky as an actor in the industry. However, one only has to see the film and the massive indulgence on the lead protagonist to realize the adulation of the doting father over his son.

The entire film is almost like a give away with the extreme predictability making you guess the story even before it unfurls in front of you. Moreover, the execution of the story is very amateurish as if only to bring the film to a certain point. There's a lot of indulgence on the producer's son in the film. From excessive focus, to song and dance to even shooting those songs in picturesque foreign locations, Vashu Bhagnani seem to have done it all. But all those elements instead only add as a deterrent to the film.

What works however, is the humour of the character actors. Both Kirron Kher and Darshan Jariwala are crackling in their parts. Their acting as that of fake poor people is hilarious and has you in splits each time they come on the screen. Some scenes that deserve a special mention are Kirron Kher's long monologue as the blind poor mother and the Banana selling scene of Darshan Jariwala.

Despite all the foreign locations glitter, this plays out like a flat, meandering TV comedy. What is the 'ajab’, and where’s the ‘gazabb’?
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