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Movie Review
Ayalum Njanum Thammil
Rating :
Hero :
Heroine :
Other Cast :
Narein, Samvratha, Remya Nambeeshan, Prathap Pothan
Director :
Lal Jose
Music Director :
Producer :
Prem prakash
Release Date :
To begin with, let us address the fact that any movie can be a feel good one given that it keeps you going the stretch without a glimpse of boredom. In that definition, when you start judging a typical Lal Jose film, especially a film which is not backed by a very strong story rather a good thread, then you can go on praising the film. Ayalum Njanum thammil is not the greatest of Lal Jose films, the layers peeled like an onion, the story yet keeps us going with some strange freshness.

Prithviraj has for a change kept his 6-pack body back home and come out with an outstanding display of subtle yet varied emotions, starting from a jolly good medical student and gradually changing into a morose physician only to be pulled back to his senses and responsibilities by the caring and committed Prathap Pothen. This is easily one of Prithvi’s best performance till date and he has brought out the different nuances of emotions quite magnificently. Clearly, he has put in a lot of hard work to understand the character as evident from his performance. Prathap Pothen looks supremely confident and carries his part effortlessly just as he did in 22 Female Kottayam. He is truly back with a bang. Narain has done well and has put his mark on the film. Kalabhavan Mani and Salimkumar is notable.

On the female side, Rima Kallingal puts in another brilliant performance while Samvritha Sunil looks cute and attractive and gives an excellent display, pouring her heart into the role. Ramya Nambeeshan and Swasika have also played their parts with confidence. In fact, all the actors have been able to mould themselves into the characters the director demanded.

The title of the film is apt considering the fact the association of the two doctors is the main theme and it has been developed artfully by Lal Jose. Some of the flashbacks to Prithvi’s student life might be a bit monotonous for some but the film has managed to weave the past with the present quite skillfully and on the whole, gives a bright and optimistic picture.

Prithviraj plays the lead role of Ravi Tharakan, who breezes through medical college with his friend Vivek (Narein) without really learning anything substantial. He has to do a two-year rural internship and is posted at a hospital run by a middle-aged doctor in a hill station.

The hospital is frequented by economically backward patients. Dr Samuel (Prathap Pothen), who runs the hospital, becomes Ravi's mentor in the profession and a father figure who creates a strong foundation for the young man's future.

The screenplay by Bobby and Sanjay connects incidents and occurrences in a way that does not let the viewer relax or find a comfort zone.

It focuses on how the characters behave and react in peculiar situations, and explores the grey areas of the human psyche.

So watch it for some good perfomances and a good story thread, remembder not a great story.
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