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Movie Review
Oh My God
Rating :
Hero :
Paresh Rawal
Heroine :
Other Cast :
Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborthy
Director :
Umesh Shukla
Music Director :
Himesh Reshamiyya
Producer :
Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Ashvini Yardi
Release Date :
There is often a thin line between belief and truth, fantasy and reality. One should be brave to make an attempt at the topic to make a movie which balances it in the right way. Oh My God has done just that though with glitches of its own.

God is a personal choice and open to interpretation. His origins are undefined and range from mystical to scientific. He is someone, we are deeply conditioned to have faith in and never question. Religion is man-made. Its original purpose was to function as a discipline and technique, guiding the progress of spiritual conscience, before its ideals were completely distorted to set up a dogmatic rulebook of blind devotion, intimidating myths and ritualistic lifestyle. OMG-Oh My God creates a hard-hitting premise where its lead protagonist decides to dispute this rigid system by dragging God and the business of religion to court.

Kanji Mehta (Paresh Rawal) is an atheist, who runs an antique shop. For him, God and religion are nothing more than a business proposition as he goes ahead making money by y selling the faith of people for his profit. His life suddenly is thrown off gear as an earthquake ironically destructs only his shop in the entire area.The movie takes a turn when he moves to court for suing God when his insurance company also drops the claim as 'act of god'.

The film purely stands on two strong pillars - the story and acting, testifying once again that all you need is a good script. Umesh Shukla who also directed the original play debuts with this film and puts all his theater experience in making an honest film. He brings about a fair balance between atheism and faith without getting preachy. In its own humorous and satirical manner it conveys a strong message and makes you question the blind faith eating up the nation.

Umesh uses the star power of Akshay Kumar perfectly well as he ropes him in as God. Akshay's enactment of a modern day God Krishna Vasudev Yadav, riding a hot mobike and using modern gadgets is never for once caricaturish. Instead Akshay's acting prowess only makes the character more believable. Paresh Rawal on the other hand essays his part as if it were a cake walk. Although, repeated portrayals of the character in the original play would've seasoned Paresh but in the film too he delivers a crackling performance. What comes as a surprise is the portrayal of an effiminate, long haired Swami by Mithun Chakravorthy who gives a laudable performance.

The long-winded disclaimer at the film’s outset – OMG disavows any intention of hurting the sentiments of "any individual, community, sect or religion" – softens the blow of its rational statement. The audience is left with the feeling that it is, at best, being proffered only a halfhearted spoof on faith and its self-styled guardians, not a full-blooded satire on the flip side of organized religion. The film’s premise is courageous no doubt, but its heart and sinews are rather weak. It seems to chicken out a tad too easily in the end.

So, despite the high fun quotient inherent in the concept and the steady flow of droll one-liners from the principal players, OMG never rises to particularly great heights either as an entertainer or a social message-oriented drama.
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