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Movie Review
Run Babby Run
Rating :
Hero :
Mohan Lal
Heroine :
Amala Paul
Other Cast :
Biju Menon, Siddique, Saikumar
Director :
Music Director :
Ratheesh Vega
Producer :
Milan Jaleel
Release Date :
Some scripts are irreparably flawed, spoiling the mood of the whole movie and leading to its inevitable disaster. Then there are scripts which comfortably manage to have blots in it and still become a crowd puller. Directed by Joshiy, Run Babby Run comes in the latter category with some decent pace and treatment essential for a thriller. Starring Mohanlal and Amala Paul in the lead, this is all that you want from a Mohanlal-Joshiy film.

The film is set against a media backdrop. Venu (Mohanlal) is a television cameraman of international repute and is known as ‘Reuters’ Venu. Having spent a few years out of Kerala, he is back on an assignment. He comes face to face with Renu (Amala Paul), his former lover. The story unfolds as these two journalists who are at loggerheads with each other are forced to work on a matter that is highly confidential. The movie takes a turn as the confidential story which they work on turns out to be a fake. The rest is about the protagonists running around to fix it up.

What starts off on a promising note, soon nose dives into predictable rubble though, because of the film's efforts to transform itself into a thriller. The loopholes are best left ignored, and it would be frivolous to even query about why two individuals who are wanted by the police choose to roam about the streets on a grandiose motor bike that would have without doubt, anyone and everyone staring at them. No questions also on why Venu is terminated from his service by international agencies, without even an inquiry on what has happened to him.

Having said this, there are moments enough to entertain the audience as well. The best part of the film is the camaraderie that Venu shares with Rishikesh (Biju Menon), who happens to be his best buddy as well as the head of a local television channel that is struggling to stand on its own. The director along with some fine editing by Shyam Sasidaran have managed to keep the audiences' interest intact. Script by Sachi has everything unfold so fast that the audience does not get the opportunity to delve into the many illogical happenings that keep happening from time to time. Mohanlal seems to back in his candid self. He is natural, suave, funny and of course, brilliant. He finally seems to have adapted to his age, sporting grey hair in his last couple of movies. Amala Paul gels fine with her hero and has got a decent share of screen space as well. On the flip side, the regular cliched villainy from Sai Kumar and Siddique, offer little to increase the unpredictability. Music by Ratheesh Vega sounds good as well with Lal singing the only song in the movie.

Run Baby Run may be far from perfect but it is a thriller that keeps you glued on to the screens. The film has a shaky second half and a rather abrupt ending, but all these do not take away the excitement that the film provides. For the lovers of relatively well made thrillers, 'Run baby Run' is definitely your movie and you may love to see it.
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