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Movie Review
Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai
Rating :
Hero :
Heroine :
Tanvi Vyas
Other Cast :
Irfan, Ravi kale
Director :
P.V Prasad
Music Director :
A.J Daniel
Producer :
Release Date :
Though P.V Prasad has come forth from a hiatus after Kadhalil Vizhudhen , the gap does not seem to have any impact on his script for the new movie Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai which turns out to be another mediocre Kollywood romantic flick. The movie stars two new comers Vishwaa and former Miss India Earth Tanvi Vyas and tells the story on similar lines of his previous flick. If the love blinded hero was so damn determined to carry the corpse of his lover all around in his previous movie, here the hero is ready to become a serial killer to gain his lady love.

Seenu (Vishwa) is the son of a washer man and spends his life wandering without much of an agenda in the clothes of his father's well-off customers. However, things take a turn as the poor boy-meets-rich girl formula works out soon. He spots Mithra (Tanvi Vyas) whom the director depicts as so soft and sweet a girl as she picks up a bird hatchling stranded in busy traffic, getting on the roof of a car and restoring it back in its nest. It is clichéd masala and the hero falls in love with her, joins the same class and college as she does, finds ways to be noticed by her and ends up fraternizing in her social circle, mainly with her and her childhood buddy Shyam (aptly westernized as Sam). Soon his insane loves takes him to the extent of killing Sam and doing all gimmicks to cover it up.

The script lacks any fresh treatment but the director who is not that bad at what he does manages to engage the audience well at many points. This is just another Kollywood flick in a wider perspective with well suited music numbers but considering this as what it very well could've been- a first rate crime thriller, we can very well see that the director has made serious compromises.

Music and background score is done by A.J Daniel who was once an assistant to Harris Jayaraj and during events of greater weight at hand, music numbers revolving around their affair tend to trivialize the weighty events. Not well timed, the movie falls from gripping to a serious bore and Mithra's point of view and their blossoming love seems like it should be in another film. However, credits should be given to Vishwaa and Tanvi for delivering decent performances given that this is their first movie. Cinematographer Vijay Milton has done also done a good job with camera. The director has tried hard to strike balance between the contradicting actions of the hero and keep the audience bonded to the deeds he get involved in.

With enough spice and thrills, the movie will take you through the entire proceedings without a heavy disappointment given that you don’t hit theatres with great expectations.
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