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Movie Review
Rating :
Hero :
Heroine :
Aishwarya Devan, Vandana Menon
Other Cast :
Saikumar, Siddique, Devan, Thilakan
Director :
Shaji Kailas
Music Director :
Producer :
S. Chandrakumar
Release Date :
Simhasanam is just another tedious, dull and mind-numbing movie from Shaji Kailas. How many more lack lustre plots revolving around family feuds and popular land lords delivering boring punch dialogues should the malayali audience bear from Shaji Kailas before he does another decent movie?

The movie is another repetition of all the Shaji Kailas movies we have seen. He hasn’t lost his obsession with Varikassery Mana and this time however, it seems he has managed to make up a movie without a script, just taking bits and pieces from all his previous movies. There is nothing new in the film, a run of the mill action love story recited in the most routine, the only new thing being the fact that it is the first Shaji kailas movie with Prithviraj and indeed an eminently forgettable one. Very disappointing from your part Prithvi, the common sense that prevails in your interviews is absolutely invisible in your script selection.

The popular among masses kind of feudal lord of Shaji Kailas movies takes another form as Madhava Menon (Saikumar). As his popularity increases, so does his number of enemies and the son who is in Mangalore, who arrives right on time, when daddy finds himself in a battle field is also right here. The name is Arjun (Prithviraj). The opposition team is packed up as the director randomly picked an assortment of villains from across different films. Ramanunni (Siddique) and his brother (Devan) are at the forefront, and there are several others like the local chieftain Mukundan (Jayan) who has been sidelined by the Madhava Menon impact, and his brother (Pradeep Chandran), all of whom have absolutely nothing to perform except delivering there stereo typical parts. Even Thilakan plays a very ordinary role amongst others. The female leads Aiswarya Devan and Vandana Menon act as pretty dolls that does not have anything to do with the plot. I think Manju Warrier in Aaram Thamburan was the last heroine who had something to contribute in a Shaji Kailas movie. Now about the scene where Nanda (Aishawarya Devan), Arjun's college mate from Bangalore who asks the village belle Lechu (Vandana Menon) whether she is the housemaid, does it ring a bell to anyone?

The escalating pace, requisite for an action movie is lacking in this film and many a time we are blown of our wits with the ridiculous dialogues and silly camera angles. The editing by Donmax is not brilliant either as we have seen such cheesy techniques harnessed to saturation by Shaji Kailas himself. All in all, the movie is way off from any new terrain and just took off from the tedious plight where ‘The king and commissioner’ left us. Watch it if you have enough money to spend for a self-torturous experience.
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