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Movie Review
Ek tha Tiger
Rating :
Hero :
Salman Khan
Heroine :
Katrina Kaif
Other Cast :
Ranvir Shorey Girish Karnad Roshan Seth Gavie Chahal
Director :
Kabir Khan
Music Director :
Sohail Sen (original Songs) , Sajid Wajid (guest composers)
Producer :
Aditya Chopra
Release Date :
Salman Khan movies never wait for a critic’s review. Hail them or degrade them, they are just gonna overwhelm you with their whooping box office collection. Ek tha tirger is the new addition among them, rumoured to have already made a record 32 crore opening day collection. Entering the movie hall with a prejudiced expectation of seeing another ‘Ready’ or ‘Bodyguard’, I was quite satisfied with this movie. Take it for good or bad, this one atleast have a storyline.

Directed by Kabir Khan (remember Newyork?), this spy thriller has enough flaws to keep you teasing, however the movie is also packed with good action sequences and enough slo-mos for all Sallu fans. The movie revolves around Raw agent ‘Tiger’ and his mission to Dublin later in the film whereby he meets the leading lady Katrina Kaif, who is ready to fall in love with the spy. The opening scene willleave Salman fans cheering as the herois introduced in a ‘Jason Bourne’ish sequence dodging armed assassins through the cobbled streets and dingy alleyways of a busy town in Iraq. Soon, his frienly boss sents him to Dublin to keep an eye on a suspect missile scientist, where a typical love story with the old man's housekeeper, Zoya (Katrina Kaif), follows. Ranveer Shorey as Gopi warns him to keep focussed on the mission and that may be to shift the action to Istanbul and Havana. Kabir Khan has managed to keep the romantic portions in 'Ek Tha Tiger' fresh and frizzy, the humor appreciatively sparkling and light-hearted, but as a thriller set in the world of espionage, its paradoxical too see how the so called intelligence officers make their idiotically ‘tactical’ moves.

Not that great a story Newyork was, Ek tha tiger doesn’t alter from the same either. The former being a weak story on terrorism, this one just seem to be Salman turned James Bond in action. The whole plot is built around a single thread and you can find many loopholes and predict all the so called twists in the story. He has built Salman Khan’s character at Super human proportions (no prize for guessing) and he pounds, shoots and break bones without a flicker of bother or sweat. But its the best you will see of Salman since Dabangg becuase unlike the earlier South indian remakes, the action doesn’t go to illogical levels but yet thrills us every now and then. It is also entertaining to watch Katrina also kicking some butts, as you see that rarely in a larger than life hero oriented Bollywood movie. Though the script by Kabir and Neelesh has espionage so silly as those in children’s literature, it also has something for Salman to perform everytime he comes out of the Incredible Hulk mode. Sohail Sen and Sajid-Wajid has done an average job with music.

The movie is atleast a different from the previous flicks of Salman and unless you are not a Salman fan, go without much expectations and you will have an enjoyable watch.
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