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Movie Review
Naan Ee/ Eega
Eega/ Naan Ee is a truly enjoyable experience
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Director :
S.S Rajamouli
Music Director :
M.M Keeravani
Producer :
Sai Korrapati
Release Date :
Naan Ee is basically a one joke movie, but something you will laugh at out and out. Starting out as a seemingly silly triangle love story, the movie just takes a turn for the better. When Nani (Nani) who is intensely in love with neighbour Bindhu (Samantha) is killed by the powerful millionaire and womanizer Sudeep (Sudeep), who also lusts for Bindhu, Nani is reborn as a housefly and swears revenge. Just the kind of entertainment we expected from the director of Magadheera!

The storyline is too simple to keep many filmmakers wishing they had gone for it much before, but the way Rajamouli delivered it has been absolutely brilliant. It is all about how a creature so small can avenge his past life and create chaos in the life of an influential, corrupt businessman besides its shortcomings. It seems that the director has found a lethal combination of reincarnation, revenge and excellent visual effects. He has given enough detail to the script so as to make the revenge of one of the lowliest creatures – the housefly, seem powerful and laugh-inducing. The casting of Sudeep as the comically hot-headed villain was absolutely spot-on. He has delivered in spades, making us excited about the little fly’s success. You are sure to laugh your heart out as Sudeep is tormented by the tiny and agile fly, and the measures he adopt to keep it away. Nani and Samantha has also done their part well, Samantha’s job as a micro artist is indeed a wise move or how else would she assist Naani in his revenge.

But the highlight of the movie would surely be the graphics. Apart from the minor hiccups on size proportions and scaling, the housefly and its methodical revenge has been animated quite well. When it comes to the fly’s point of view shots, I really liked the compound vision they had managed to add. The fly’s gimmicks are also an admirable spoof on the Kollywood’s action sequences. Nevertheless, this flying hero is smarter than the usual Kollywood heroes and even when he is out of options, Naani creates new prospects to enter Sudeep's fortress and turns it inside out. Rajamouli has exceptionally stretched the extremes of loud cinema, the kind which Kollywood is interested in.

Featuring Santhanam for hardly a scene or two was unnecessary, given the fact that Naani has made us laugh enough. The inventive ways with which the director has come up to portray the revenge requires suspension of reasoning- but you will gladly do it, given the enchanting entertainment the 133 minute film thrives in. M.M. Keeravani’s background score and re-recording and KK Senthilkumar’s camerawork are absolute winners for this film. The way in which the movie credits begin with a voice over of a father trying to put his child to sleep with another fairy tale of a super hero Ee was also interesting. All in all, the movie is a total entertainment package high on emotional factor, romance, and comedy made believe with tremendous focus and unique filmmaking style.
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