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Massacre of School Children : Will US Think of Ending the Gun Culture ?

December 16, 2012
Massacre of School Children : Will US Think of Ending the Gun Culture ?

Trigger happy nation and trigger happy people. Guns can be bought in the USA more easily than we could buy a mobile phone in India. A 'free' nation that has an obsession for guns can probably lead to what is happening in that country today - shoot outs in public places, schools, malls etc. One frustrated element can gun down a dozen people at his will.

What's happening to the once great, powerful, 'civilized', modern, and the oldest democracy ? Where is America heading ? Is there some lesson for the US administration to bring an end to free access to guns in that country ? Is there a lesson for an emerging power like India, where people are growing impatient and intolerant by the day ?

Come let's debate. What do you think is wrong with the government, society and the system on the whole in USA ? Can we get some interesting view points, analysis and some useful conclusions ?



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