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Strike at Will: Who Cares for the Public ?

September 14, 2012
Strike at Will: Who Cares for the Public ?

The irony of every organized protest is that it is the public, just the general public at the receiving end when the protestors together with their opponent -the government - hold the public to ransom.

Often the protestors loosen up their demands or the government bends its knees after a while– either ways the days of drama leaves the common man helpless, especially when the basic needs with no 'Option B' are affected.

The ongoing indefinite strike called by KSRTC and BMTC unions have crippled the public transport system in the state, the worst form of which is seen in Bangalore City where Lakhs of daily commuters are left stranded in bus stands across the city with no hope in sight of getting home or workplace on time. Since the affluent population stand unaffected, the chances of backdoor lobbying or pressurizing tactics to end the crisis do not arise at all.

Who is at fault? The striking unions or the government? While there are many ways of looking at it, these two points cannot go unanswered.

Firstly, the unions and its leaders, whatever the reasons be, cannot hold the people to ransom. Public transport system is a basic need which does not have an effective alternative. The government should use all its powers to ensure that the unions do not take the public for a ride and make them suffer.

Secondly, the government, elected to provide its citizens endless opportunities for a better life, can never let such an untoward situation take place right under its nose. It was not a natural event like an earthquake or flood which the government did not expect – They knew it was going to happen, they saw it coming, but did not care to stop it. This is not the kind of government one would wish to have and definitely not the kind of treatment one would hope for.

Whatever said and done, there is a dire need of directing our attention to the suffering of the common man. Auto rickshaws, supposed to be the ideal alternative in situations like this for ordinary Indians, often turn to be the necessary evils as the drivers exploit the opportunity and loot the travelers with double-tripple fares.

The public anger and outrage should strike the deaf ears of the authorities and strike hard on the government apathy towards public issues so that the hopes of change would again make our lives meaningful.

Air your views... Let others know what you think and recommend to avoid such colossal breakdown of an essential service.



Readers' Comments (6)


Public sector transport service isd as sn edssenytial service and the empolyres should not shut down the service to press their demands. AS it is strikes are nothing but black mails and especially when the consumers (trasvellers) have no alternative, the strike is most unjustified. The govt. too handled the situation very immeture way and looked totally clueless in managing the crisis.

prabheesh vs14-09-2012:

Here v have to recall d situation of d srike by pilots of air India. Der are still so many issues of improper system and d blody curroption. Here d same converted into road transportation. In one side d ksrtc staff are badly harased and threatend by d senior officials, heavy n over duty timings n lesser payments comparing wid d contemperery cost of living, but on d other side they r showing their arrogance on d passengers as any of d other govt officials, by various ways. even this strike also one out of dat. Govt itself saying dat use d public transportations n reduce d petrol consumption. As d step towards these agendas they r conducting bus days. If d govt is not ensuring d guarantee of d basic necesities of d public wat\'s d meaning of these all...? but d fact is whatever may be d issues, burdens are bared by d common public.


I dont understand why people protest at our cost??


Today they are protesting to increase their wages tomorrow they will protest to provide accomodation, day after tomorrow protests will be regarding the some other issues, and the people who are protesting are the ones who don't do their duty properly. How many conductors return petty change? how many of the are polite to women? the answer is just a handful of people. Workers strangle govt through protests, Government strangle common man with price hikes.
The bottom line is common people suffer irrespective of who strangles whom. They have to realize that even their children are stranded in the bus stops due to unavailability of buses.


The real irony is that the govnt wakes up only when they are faced with such strikes and protests. These employees are looted by the government, they are forced to work for 36 hours sometimes with no break. they have the right to protest and these protests are necessary even at the cost of public suffering - because they do not have any other means to get justice.


Such a strike definately should not happen. It causes so much inconvenience to the public. The government should have tried to resolve this issue much before. The talks between gov n unions always end up without no solution. Talks cant go on this way.. the talks should always provide a solution else why discuss when both dont yield?

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