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Mega Scams - Is India Losing ?

August 27, 2012
Mega Scams - Is India Losing ?

A spate of mega scams - Commonwealth Games scam, 2G Spectrum scam, Mining Scam, and now the mother of all scams (at least till date) the Coal scam... the list seems endless.. Is India losing out ? Have we lost the opportunity to attain the status of a Global Economic Powerhouse ?

Is India becoming the most corrupt developing country from a powerful developing country? India is plagued by scams that have played a vital part in the country's diminishing economy. Is it the end of hopes for people of India who were dreaming of an emerging world player ?

What happened to the much hyped and much hoped Anna Movement ? Has it withered away ? Has the UPA govt. succeeded in thwarting the movement? Is it an end-of-the-road for the people of this country to have a corruption-free regime ? Do the people have hope in the fractured opposition parties to lift the nation from the muddle that it is in now ?

What can we do as citizens of this once richest, most revered nation to bring back the past glory ? Can the voice of the people be heard across corridors of power ? Can our Netas be made accountable ?

What do you think ? Come, join the debate..



Readers' Comments (10)

Sandesh Rai30-08-2012:

I think people get what they deserve. Voters have elected corrupt people and now they are reaping the fruits. Even Anna movement could not sustain due to lack of support from the people and dirty tactics of the government. Youngsters have to come forward and join politics to save this country from traitors.

Vishwas Kiran29-08-2012:

India is a rich country, but the scams have made the poor poorer and the rich richer. Politicians should stop exploiting their own people. India is clearly losing out in becoming a global leader. Corruption should be stopped but unfortunately movements such as that of Anna is losing steam.

Vincent Chako28-08-2012:

Scams everywhere, in every government, be it Congress or BJP. Everyone wants power and money. I cannot see a corruption free regime anywhere soon. People like Anna probably should contest elections??

Asha latha M28-08-2012:

Anna movement has clearly lost steam, heading nowhere. It has failed. Netas should be made accountable for their crime.


India is definitely losing out in becoming a developed nation. Netas should stop amassing wealth and should think of the nation and its people

Shirish K.28-08-2012:

I think the scams have dented the image of the country in the world. The sad part is that we have a Prime Minister who has been claimed as the 'most honest man', but what an irony - the largest of the scams have taken place under his very nose and he still sticks to his seat!

He may be honest, but we need a leader who is capable and a good administrator also. Coalition compulsion should not lead to the relentless loot of the nations wealth. I think Independent India has witnessed more wealth being siphoned-off by our own Netas,Businessmen and Babus than the British and the Moghul invaders put together.

What a shame, even the Anna Movement seem to have sucked into the mega plans of the UPA govt. People should not give up. The movement against corruption should continue to its logical end. The opposition NDA is simply losing a god sent opportunity to lead the nation against this menace as they are busy settling scores among themselves.


No wonder India has become a corrupt country, we live in a country where a conductor doesn't give exact change, where a school doesnt give education without donation, what's the whole point of blaming the politicians when every individual is looking at opportunities to make money easily???


Anna movement might have fizzled out but a strong and upright judiciary can make a lot of difference. If a few corrupt politicians and officials are handed out long imprisonment for corruption, others will fall in line. As politicians get bail and they never get punished, it has emboldened the entire class to think that they can get away with looting the nation.

It is very sad that even a few politicians who are sent to jail a few days become heroes after getting bail. Not electing corrupt and criminals is the primary step that voters should take, Let us all join to keep the movement alive and help bring a clean government.

Venkatesh Babu03-09-2012:

Corruption has crept into every part of life today. Even America has corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen, but their judicial system is strong and justice is delivered quickly and impartially. That makes the people believe in such remedial system and scares wood-be offenders also. Anna movement created a lot of awareness and brought to focus the urgency and the need to fight against corruption in India but it was highjacked by some self serving people and more importantly the movement was cunningly thwarted and derailed by the corrupt govt. machinery itself. About the opposition's role, it is a pathetic bunch of leaders who have only their agenda on the table rather than taking up the issues and fighting against them. One really wonders what choice the people have now. I think the youth have to join hands in the fight against corruption now, otherwise this country will not have a future at all..

karan salian04-09-2012:

The election commission in India should enforce strict regulations and cancel tickets of corrupt/ criminal party workers. We need to select the members who rise beyond themselves and their kin and think of the people & country. The change has to come from within and from the grassroot of the political system, only then India will move towards development.

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