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Likhita, the `Written' Talent

‘Talent’, be it hidden or untapped cannot remain so for long. The extraordinary capabilities of such people come out in the open by itself and recognized by others in an early stage of life. Child prodigies, who always mesmerize us by exhibiting their talent, can achieve great heights in their career and bring laurels to themselves, their parents and institutions where thsey study. They just need some mentoring and nurturing to shape their talents. We have one such young achiever, Likhita, meaning ‘written’ in Sanskrit. And, she was born with written talents on her forehead, no doubt!

Daughter of C. Nirmala, Likhita is a multi faceted prodigy, who is still studying in 7th Standard, has already excelled in many fields, Classical Music, Classical Dance, Bharathanatyam, Yakshagana, Western and Folk Dance and acting in TV serials!. Not satisfied with these, she is also trained in Martial Arts! Initiated into learning classical dance at a very young age, Likhita passed her Junior Bharatanatyam examination with a 1st class.

Recognising this budding star’s talents, the Kannada TV serial industry welcomed her with open arms, after she participated in Akhila Bharata Kannada Samskritika Sammelana held in Shillong, Meghalaya in 2006. Poornachandra, director of popular TV serial ‘Silly-Lally’, gave the first break to Likhita. This proved the turning point in her life and she never looked back since then.

The unending list of serials she acted and still acting include, Mungarina Kanasu, Paalghuna, Jambada Ajji, Kaallu Sakkare, Kalaanthara, Kaadambari, Grahana, Bhagavan Shri Shiradi Sai Baba etc. to name a few!. Not to be satisfied, Likhita has acted in popular movies as well such as Uyyale, Muniya and Chaitanya.
Not having a shy before the Movie Camera, she is known for delivering dialogues perfectly in the first shot itself, and she does not need Glycerin to bring out the tears in front of the camera!.

Apart from acting Likhita is mastering Karate, the dreaded martial arts. She is now preparing for Blue-1 examination. How can she be left without being honoured with awards ?. Likhita has bagged a number of awards including national ‘Suvarna Balashri Ratna’ from National pollution Control and Environment committee and ‘Star of Bangalore’ in 2010.
Well, if you think she has been busy with all these extra curricular activities ignoring her studies, you are wrong!. She has been consistently scoring above 80% in each every examinations in her school!. What else needs to be told about this girl ?

Asked about her future and career plans, without beating a eyelid, she says, “My first preference is my education. I want to become a doctor. It’s my grandma’s dream to see me as a doctor. I will make her dream come true. Apart from this, I will act in serials or films only when I get good opportunity and suitable roles”.

The inspiration behind Nikhita’s achievements is her Grandma, Mrs. V. Jyothi, who supports her in all that she does and wants to do. She says, “Education is like our daily staple food and Acting, Bharatanatyam, Karate etc. are like side dishes. We can live without side dishes, but can’t do without rice. So I always encourage Likhita to Work hard and excel in her studies.’


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